Comprehensive Audits and Inspections
Pre-Shipment Quality Control Inspections
quality control and inspections in china

Reduce Costs, Gain Peace of Mind & Avoid Bad Shipments To The USA

We Provide Quality Inspections, Audit, and Testing in China.


Since the 1970s, T-Link’s executives have been working with distributors and manufacturers to assist them in sourcing products in Asia with a full range of services.

Quality Control Inspections

T-Link provides a full range of inspection and quality control services at very competitive prices. We provide diligent and world class service, that ensure your investments are quality controlled.

Cost Effective Services

Our services are very cost effective and we are happy to discuss and quote on your requirements. We can visit facilities all across China.

Reduce costs by partnering with T-Link as your preferred quality inspection company in China. We work closely with USA companies to provide superior, diligent quality inspection services. With tariff challenges, reduce your risk and have peace of mind that your shipment arrives in good order into the USA.

In our increasingly competitive world, with demands for higher quality products and with tighter than ever margins, product sourcing and inspection are more critical than ever. T-Link’s partners have decades of
experience working on behalf of their clients to provide high quality, competitively priced products from China and other Asian countries.

Sourcing and Quality Control for Consumer and Industrial Goods

Our professional inspectors are well trained with relevant expertise
in your product category in order to provide you with the most
reliable results to the universal standards. We care about the quality of your products!